a humble prayer for today

Dear Father in Heaven,
We humbly come before you thanking you for this beautiful day. For another day on this earth where we can see your glory. Help us to seek you with all our heart. Open our eyes to see you in all things. Use our lips to speak life and truth and love into the hearts of others. Protect our minds from doubt, anxiety or fear as we trust you more. Cause our faith to grow as we see you active, alive and working in our lives. Use our hands and feet to serve others as Jesus did so beautifully. Help us to be holy as you are holy. In all things. Not just when it is convenient or easy or expected, but all the time. Let our lives be a glorious picture to the lost of your love and faithfulness. Firmly establish our feet on the paths of righteousness for your name’s sake. We claim your strength and mercy for today as we seek to do your will.
We ask all these things in the name of the One who died so we might live life in abundance, Jesus.

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