a prayer for all those who impact our children each day at school

Today, Father, we thank you for all of those special individuals at our schools. Teaching. Coaching. Planning. Cleaning. Filing. And, all the other things necessary for our children to return to the classroom this year.

We confess, Lord, that as parents, all too often we forget these things and only focus on all that we need to do for that important first day. Help us to recognize all of the sacrifice, diligence and hard work that go into the beginning of school and throughout the year. Help us to offer much encouragement and prayer for each of them, not only on these first days, but every day as the year progresses.

Please, Father, give them exactly what they need to be better prepared this year. Provide them with every resource necessary to touch not only the minds, but more importantly the hearts of their students. Equip them to be your hands and feet this year and each year that may follow. Recognizing that the greatest gift they might give could simply be love.

Allow their minds to understand with wisdom exactly what each child may need. Believing that they are in their very class or path ‘for such a time as this’ {Esther 4:14}. Give them awareness that not each child has all that they may need at home – physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Lead them as to what you need them to do to better serve those children and their families.

Provide them with strength to endure those tough battles. With children. With parents. With anything or anyone who might stand in the way of learning and growing. When discouragement races in, we ask that you provide the confidence necessary for them to continue on this great journey to the hearts and minds of our children.

Give them eyes to see the students as you see them, as well as their gifts and talents that may have yet to be discovered. Whether on the field or off, open their eyes to see what the child truly needs from them as a teacher, coach, mentor, or friend. And, to fully understand and embrace the differences of each child.

Grant them ears to hear what sometimes may not be spoken aloud, but is rather spoken through their actions and attitudes.

Open their mouths, Father, to offer encouragement and blessings, as well as loving discipline when needed.

Cause their hearts to love those hard to love and difficult students more, even on days it seems next to impossible. And, to love all their students as you love them, Lord.

Give them hands willing to push or pull students to their next level of learning.  Academically. Artistically. Or, athletically. Help them provide students with the most appropriate methods of engaging their hearts and minds. Instilling in each child a strong desire to love learning more.

Make their feet steady on straight paths with endurance for those longs days and even longer nights of service. Enable each of them to run the race you have set before them with perseverance. {Hebrews 12:1}

Grant them additional resources for those students who may not have the material means they need at home, all the while providing exactly what is needed in the proper time.

Father, we know that each of these school servants has a special job to do. We ask that you provide all they need for each day for that job. We thank you that your mercies are new every morning {Lamentations 3:22} and we ask that you cover these special individuals with your great provision of mercy each day.

We also ask that you place a hedge of protection around them physically for good health and for safety as they serve you by serving our children. Protect our children as well, Lord, as they work and play each day of this new year.

Help each school employee and parent to work together to lead our children so they might become the best you have planned for them to be. Father, we know that you have plans for a hope and a future for our children {Jeremiah 29:11}, so we ask that you help us to partner with one another to lead them closer to you.

Please, Lord, let this year bring us all closer to you.

In the name of Jesus we humbly ask these things. Amen.



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