Advent 2019

December 5, 2019

As we approach this holy season, what if the very gates of heaven swing open wide to the simple sound of our voices? God is always listening. Longing for our shared thoughts and ideas, wishes and dreams, and just a tiny glimpse into the hearts He already knows so well. Yes, He always knows, but really wants us to feel safe and secure enough in Him to want to share. 

But maybe, He longs for more than just our wants and needs and dreams. Perhaps His true desire would be our praise. For our hearts to be so overwhelmed by who He is and all He has done that we can’t help but praise Him! And be thankful!

Even in the mundane and messy parts of this life there is always something to be thankful for. Take the time to look for it. Don’t miss it. By focusing on being more grateful, we find greater joy and peace even in the most difficult seasons. 

Yes, He loves our praise and thanksgiving. Each of our lives were created to simply bring Him glory. To point back all of our gifts and blessings of love and grace to Him. To shout to all the world of His faithfulness, goodness and love. 

A heart of gratitude pours out and others notice. 

Because we practice gratitude we realize even more our blessings. Even the smallest of gifts can bring the greatest of joy. And by recognizing all of the ways we are blessed, we can in turn bless others. 

This busy time of year, so many are hurting. Some are alone. Or simply overwhelmed with the demands of this life. Others are lost. Longing for the one thing that could change their life. 

Let’s take the time to look for them. Seek them out. Show them Jesus. The true reason for this season. Would this not be a beautiful act of worship before the Lord? To pour into others what He has so generously given us?

Whatever struggles we or others may face, praise is our greatest weapon. Praise silences the enemy. At the very name of Jesus, every knee will bow. With just the simple mention of His precious name, enemies scatter. 

This Advent, as we seek Him with all our heart, let’s offer Him a sacrifice of praise. He is so worthy. There is none like Him. 

The very One who numbered the stars and calls them by name knows your name. And, He loves it. He knows the number of hairs on your head. He catches every tear we cry. Knowing our sin, He still sent His only Son to earth to bear our guilt and shame.

Sweet Jesus came to give us life! Praise His holy name! 

There is no greater news to be thankful for! Nothing on this earth can compare to that one precious gift. Of long ago. Planned by a high and holy God who longed to be with us. So much that He willingly became flesh and dwelt among us. 

Better yet, He is still with us. Worthy of praise. Thank Him today. For the little things you may often overlook and for the big things you simply can’t miss! 

Being grateful and taking time to be thankful ushers in the very spirit of this beautiful season. So as we wait, let’s give thanks and worship to our King. May each of us celebrate His most precious gift season after season. Until the whole world hears.

Glory to God! Our God of hope, joy, peace and love. He truly is our everything. May our hearts be overjoyed and worship only Him. Always. 

What if the season, as we draw near to Him, others might truly come to know Him? Seeing the true reflection of His great love through the way we live. As we live out each day in glory and honor and worship of the One who came to be with us.

Jesus. You are worthy of all of our praise! 

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