because America is still beautiful despite the headlines


Dear America ~

You truly are beautiful.

I see you in a dozen little faces, cheeks dirty and pants stained from a day of America’s favorite pastime, baseball. I see you in the men and women who bravely protect our cities day in and day out. I see you in the farmer who stays up late and rises early to feed this great nation. I see you in the face of that special teacher who takes the time to really lean down and listen to that precious little one in their classroom. I see your reflection in the eyes of the nurse who very tenderly touches the arm and the heart of her patient as she gently explains their illness. I see you in the slight smile of an elderly gentleman, a veteran for your great cause for freedom, as he slowly makes his way down the aisle at church on Sunday morning. Tattered and worn Bible tucked under his arm. And, in the embrace of two sisters, no, not two of the same race or blood family, but two of the same great faith and love for a great God.

Where love knows no color and lives are lived to share love.

Yes, America. Your people make you beautiful.

Not the ones corrupt or puffed up, but rather those who live day by day making small differences with great influence in the lives of others. I could never name them all, but they are there. Quietly serving and loving and just being who they are.

Great Americans with a great calling.

Your beauty doesn’t stop there. No, it is every where I turn. From the moonlit sky to the sunset kissed mountains. From the ripple of the waves along the seashore to the still of night on a country road. Yes, I see you in every star and stripe as Old Glory waves across the sun glistened sky and voices from near and far join to sing your anthem. From the Golden Gate bridge to the covered bridges of Alabama, your beauty is magnified throughout this great land.

Yes, the Creator of all things has rested his favor on us for hundreds of years now and your beauty remains in all His glory.

Your beauty far surpasses the ugly of this world. The things day in and day out that make us doubt your glory. All the things the enemy would rather us focus on instead of focusing on the beauty and the blessing of our Father’s hand.

Forgive us for focusing on those things which tend to make you appear less than, weak and hopeless, rather than focusing on those things that are the heart and soul of this great nation. The very threads that have woven a distinct and precise tapestry for all the world to see.

Your great heritage reminds us even more so of your beautiful legacy. The Founding Fathers who cared more for your good than their own. Who placed God above all things recognizing Him as the great Creator of your solid foundation. Who entrusted their decisions only to the One who enables our great country to continue.

Yes, my country, you have seen many challenges, changes and struggles. But by God’s infinite grace, you still stand.

Please know that after all these years of taking you for granted, we are now on our knees.

Forgive us. All of us who call you home, but who have taken your beauty and greatness and freedoms for granted far too long. We are humbly crying out to our great Father on your behalf asking for His forgiveness and healing. Begging Him to do more than we can ask or imagine.

Thank you, America. And, most of all, thank you, Father. For providing this great country for me and all other Americans to live in and enjoy.

For allowing us the freedoms to live and work and worship and share and love, we are grateful.

Really, Father, you and this special place you have allowed to be my home have been far more generous than I ever deserved. For a young girl from a small town life and a broken home, I have been afforded the chance to do more than I ever could have imagined.

For every opportunity to gaze upon your beauty and sleep peacefully under the stars of heaven, I am grateful.

Father, please, would you bless this great land once again.

May you open our eyes and our hearts to be more grateful.

May you empower us with your Spirit to serve this great country and its people with a heart like Jesus.

May you encourage us when the world seems too dark to bear, to shine our lights just a little brighter.

May you whisper in our ears sweet reminders of your faithfulness so we might share those with others.

May you impart wisdom and understanding of your ways in the minds of our great leaders. Drawing each one to a deeper love for you.

Yes, Father, may you make us aware of your great and holy Presence in what can seem like a dry and barren land.

We trust you to do more than we can ask or imagine. 

And, yes, Father, that surely we will see your goodness in the land of the living once again.

In the precious name of our Lord & Savior, Jesus, we pray. 






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