because he never misses a thing

As I walked outside this morning, I heard two birds singing back and forth to one another. Of course, if you know me, you know my eyes were searching to see if one could be my red bird friend.

As I looked from limb to limb, I caught a tiny flutter out of the corner of my eye yet no burst of red to accompany it. Instead, almost directly overhead was a tiny, quick sparrow.

He was beautifully camouflaged with his feathers of rich browns and deep grays against the almost barren limbs of my crepe myrtle tree.

I almost missed him. Even though he was right in front of me.

It was then I realized God’s perfect design and faithful eye.

He never misses a thing.

Especially us.

Some of us have bright, vibrant color to accompany our life song while others of us tend to blend in with our surroundings. Subtly singing along. Each; however, bringing their own unique design and melody to this world.

Either way, God created us all and more importantly sees us all.

He isn’t just looking for the colorful flutters our lives sometimes possess. He is even more near in the darker shadows of our flight.

He doesn’t just favor the exquisite and bold. He equally adores the subtle and quiet.

His eyes are roaming the earth noticing every living thing.

Whatever our color.

Whatever our song.

Wherever we find ourselves.

We were each created by Him and for Him. And, yes, He sees us.

As beautiful and perfect in every single way.

And our songs, they bring Him great joy as we use our voices to touch the hearts of those we encounter each day.

Take the time today and notice things or people you may not normally ‘see‘.

Find the tiniest of sparrow hearts who perhaps seem to blend in and give them an extra smile of encouragement or a cheerful word. Recognizing that those who tend to go unnoticed by this world are always noticed by God and have their own unique song to sing even if faint in comparison.

Look for the brightest of red cardinals or the deepest shades of blue in a spirited blue jay and spur them on in their flight. Remembering that often those who appear to be beautiful, colorful and bright in this world, may actually have some dark, broken or delicate pieces beneath their wings.

Listen for the sometimes annoying peck of a woodpecker or the deep hoot of an old owl personality and really listen to them today. Understanding that often those who seem loud, annoying or repetitive are longing to only be heard. 

And yes, remember, the God of all the heavens who created every single breathing thing adores you.

You are created by Him.

Loved by Him.

And, noticed by Him.

So go sing your song.

Spread your wings.

Or, simply be still.

His presence is all around you.

Filling you with hope.

Covering you with grace.

And, providing you with new mercies for each and every day.

Because His eye is on the sparrow…




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