because our children need to know the truth about this dark world and need to hear it from us

My heart is so sad about the state of our country and world. I am so sad that every time I scroll through Facebook or turn on the television I see debate after debate over so many extremely important topics. Racism. Religion. Sexuality. Honesty. Trust. Topics that should be very easily understood with little need for debate.

Just this week, witnessing mounds of heartache, pain and sheer terror right here too close to home. Heinous crimes of all levels. Massacres. Lies. Killings. With one injustice feeding another. Heartbreaking evil hangs like a heavy fog over our world.

Parents, I think it is past time for us to be bold in sharing truth with our children on these topics and any others that might be considered highly sensitive and political.

They need to know the truth. And, they need to hear it from us.

In fact, I would love to gather up my boys right now, sit them down and explain again that the most important decision they can make is to be a child of the Most High.

That every single soul matters to Him. To me. And, I pray, matters to them as well.

I want them to know that as they mature and grow they will be forced to make choices over these sensitive topics. That how they act and how they treat others of another race, gender or the like is a direct reflection of their relationship with their Father. That love trumps everything else in His eyes. And, should in ours.

I also want them to know they will have to choose; in this life they will be given choices and will eventually be forced to choose good over evil. And, choosing ahead of time what their decisions will be would make it all much easier.

I think our country stands at a crossroad. For far too long we have relaxed our choices to fit what is convenient for us, rather than what is right in the eyes  of our Father in heaven. Our compromises have created this dark hole of gray that is accepted and embraced no matter what – based on feelings, not truth.

And, yes, I want them to know there is guilt by association. You can’t remain committed to any cause or person that would compromise your values. Their character and its flaws will follow you if you remain associated in a way in which you are ‘agreeing’ with them. You can love them, encourage them and help them, but should never endorse sinful behavior.

That speaking the truth in love and showing love will be the greatest way to lead others to Jesus. Not condemnation.

I want them to understand no matter how much money you stand to gain or fame you stand to earn there is a standard set by our heavenly Father that we must follow.

Sometimes you have to choose to go against what is easy and popular to stand for something greater. Truth is definitely greater, but much harder at times than a lie.

I want them to know it truly takes a bigger man to always stand for truth.

That integrity is something no one can take from you, but you must be willing to make hard choices to keep.

And, that courage is something every godly person needs.

Because in this life the enemy is out to entangle us in whatever he can in order to keep us from seeing our Father face to face and living in heaven for eternity.

Yes, it takes a real man to be different. And, we may have to be ‘in’ this world as we live, but we are never to be ‘of’ this world if we choose to really follow Jesus.

In this life, it may appear that the bad guys keep winning, but there will be a day when they lose everything. And, vengeance should always be left up to our perfectly just God. 

Yes, it would be better to lose friends, fame and fortune here than to lose their souls for all eternity.

Yes, I want to tell my boys to be different.

To choose now not to model their lives after anyone other than Christ.

That important people make mistakes and disappoint us and lie, but He never will. That not only is it rare for a leader to sacrifice themselves for the good of all others in today’s world, but that most leaders are only out for the fame, fortune and power that is allowed through their position. Rather than being a submissive leader who humbly listens to God. Yielding their power for the greater good of His great purpose and plan. And, for all people. Like Jesus. 

Yes, His word clearly states that in heaven the first will be last and the last will be first. I want them to know that it will be far better to be first in heaven than first on this earth. There will be no comparison.

Our country is in a mess today. But, parents, if we give up, we are giving in to the enemy. He would love nothing more than for you and I to sit back and watch in fear as he wreaks havoc on our great country. And, our churches. And, our families. And, yes, our children, who are the future of this great world. Complacency will be his greatest tool.

We have no other choice but to have these hard conversations. To speak truth and know truth.

To point our young men and women to God’s Word as their only standard.

And, to make some hard choices ourselves.

To say no when necessary. To not just encourage, but to ‘make’ our children spend time in His word and in worship. To not be a friend, but to be a parent. To not always bail them out if they are in trouble, but instead let them experience the consequences. We all know that experience is the best teacher and not soon forgotten.

We will need to be less popular and less complacent to the things of this world in order to be the best example for them. They really are watching and learning from our decisions and actions.

Yes, I will be having these discussions with my boys. Some may be way too deep and way too scary, but I know that they need wisdom and understanding and truth to survive this dark world we live in.

I would rather them hear these things from me than flip channel after channel and learn from people with an agenda other than that of Jesus.

Maybe it’s high time we turned off our televisions and got on our knees. I don’t know about you, but at this point I believe our only hope is in Him.

It really is past time to stand up as parents for what is true, right and holy. To stand up rather by kneeling down and seeking the wisdom, guidance and understanding of the only One who can save us.

Our children’s futures, our nation’s future and our salvation are all hanging by a thread.

And, yes, this mom has lots of praying and teaching still to do. Trusting His guidance and believing His promises is all that keeps me sustained.

And, remembering that He is able to do more than I can ask or imagine.

Please forgive us, Lord. For avoiding the hard conversations. For not remaining in your word consistently as a family. For not being different every day. For overlooking what is truly right and compromising for the sake of fame, fortune and popularity. Our country is lost, Lord. We were wrong and we need your forgiveness. Please give us wisdom and discernment as we parent our children in this broken world we live in. Help each of us to be light in the darkness. And, yes, to raise up young men and women who will be different. May we be different as well. May our country be different. In Jesus name we beg for your mercy. Amen.



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