because somewhere today there is a woman who needs this

Somewhere today there is a woman who feels inadequate. Ill-equipped to handle all the struggles this life can bring. Some are big and some are small, but they all weigh her down.

Somewhere today there is a woman who feels worn out. Exhausted from the physical hustle and bustle, as well as the mental weariness of the spiritual battle for her mind.

Somewhere today there is a woman who feels worried. Wondering about all the ‘what if’ and ‘whys’ of life for her children, family and friends. While some are valid, others are complete joy-stealers that will probably never happen yet she can’t help but be consumed by them.

Somewhere today there is a woman who is struggling. Trying to process thoughts and feelings of who she really is and why. Is there really a plan for her life or did she lose it somewhere along the way?

Somewhere today there is a woman who feels like a failure. Remembering all of the mistakes and focusing on all of the regrets of her past, especially regarding her parenting. Thinking that time has passed too quickly and it is too late.

Somewhere today there is a woman who lives in doubt. Not believing that she could overcome any of these things.

Somewhere today there is a woman who is caught in the trap of comparison. Looking and wishing she were able to be more because everyone else appears so perfect.

Somewhere today there is a woman who feels guilty. Ashamed that she would even feel this way, much less share it with someone.

Somewhere today there is a woman who is believing the voice of the enemy. She has forgotten that he is a liar and a thief. Determined to whisper those lies and steal her joy. Every. Single. Day.

Somewhere today there is a woman who just needs Jesus. To have Him comfort her heart and remind her boldly that she IS enough. To hear His words of Truth that she is loved and chosen and redeemed and perfect in His sight. To know all these things and to just be still in His Presence.

Perhaps, you are that woman. Maybe you, like me, have bought the enemy’s lies yet again and are in a place where there seems to be little hope and much despair. If so, could I just speak to your heart for a moment?

Could you take a few deep breaths and ask God to meet you right where you are? Asking Him to be all that you need during a season where your time and heart are stretched beyond belief. To answer your distress and deliver you from trouble. Providing refuge from the storm and a hope for tomorrow. As only He can.

He is patiently waiting. Trust me when I say that our prayers can unleash the floodgates of heaven.  The simple mention of His name can bring rescue and relief and restoration and redemption to our darkest hours. He. Is. That. Faithful.

I pray for you to trust His faithfulness. See His goodness. And, to have strength and peace that can only come from Him.

No guilt no matter how small or how large your struggle. Just peace.

And, yes, somewhere today there is a woman who needs a friend. To encourage her and speak life and truth to her heart. To be the hands and feet of Jesus. To lead her gently to a place where she is safe and secure, not judged or condemned. To love her and protect her.

If you aren’t in a weary season of struggle right now, could you just try to be the friend to that someone who is? Could we find a little time to be that encouraging life-giver that someone desperately needs? Because so many of us struggle. Not just moms. Not just women. All around us there are those hearing the enemy’s lies and believing them.

Can we just agree to extend grace and share love this next week in honor of our moms? Wouldn’t that be the greatest gift? To share ourselves and our hearts with someone who desperately needs just that.

Holy Father, Help us to love each other. To encourage each other. To stand up for each other. To think the best of each other. To be a blessing to each other on this journey of life. Over this next week, could you place on our hearts those who are struggling and need to hear truth? Open our eyes to see past the fake smiles and open our ears to hear their heart rather than their empty words. May each of us be in tune to those around us who need love and encouragement. Just like Jesus was. We are forever grateful to live this life that you have given us. We are eternally grateful that you join us in this journey – we are never alone. We claim your power over our lives and over the lives of our loved ones so that we might overcome any scheme of the enemy. You are stronger, greater and have already won, Father! Help us to remember this and live in the abundant joy that Jesus came to give. In His precious name we pray. Amen.

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