because we all can feel a bit left out & lonely

When we take the time to speak His truth and love into someone’s life, there really is nothing more beautiful.

Maybe you know someone who needs just that today.

Unfortunately, too many people seem to feel so alone in this life. Left out. Isolated. Less than.

I know because I feel this way myself at times. I think most of us do.

It really doesn’t matter how many ‘friends’ you think people may have. Or, how many followers. Or, likes. Or, whatever our society measures our sense of self-worth by. True self-worth only comes from understanding whose you are. Not who you are or who you know.

Unfortunately, the enemy is really good at what he does. Making us feel and believe that no one cares and we are all alone. Causing us to compare ourselves with others. Stealing our joy and manipulating all the good God has given us to be thankful for into a mangled mess of insecurity and doubt.

When overwhelmed by these kind of thoughts and feelings we must remember, one important truth. Satan is a liar.

How many times have you seen a post on Facebook that caused you to feel just a little bit left out? How often do you send a text reaching out to someone and get no reply which leaves you wondering what you could have done to cause their lack of response. Or, maybe, you simply tried to be a good friend by going above and beyond to do the right thing and still feel shunned or overlooked?

Please, don’t let him fill your mind with these untruths. And, please, just know, you are not alone in these feelings.

Thank goodness, His truths are greater than any feelings we have.

Our feelings often make us want to hide. To sink deep down in the covers and bury our heads. So burdened by these thoughts that we can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other. Much less, do what is necessary to stop the enemy’s lies.

Sadness. Overwhelming loneliness. Discouraging doubts. And, isolating insecurities. All of these do anything but free us from all the enemy has planned to keep us in bondage. Instead, we often sink further into despair.

Again, I know. I have been there.

When these seasons come, and trust me, at some point they will, you have to be prepared. With a mind that is established in truth. With a heart overwhelmed by His love. And, yes, with sweet friends who can pick you up and help you move forward.

Let’s agree not to hide from our feelings or the truth any longer. Being open and honest with yourself and with others is really the best step towards defeating the attacks of the enemy. Shedding light on our hurt so that the enemy’s schemes are overshadowed by the perfect light of hope and love and Jesus. Remember, Jesus has already won this battle on Calvary. We just need to live as if we know it and believe it!

No more hiding. No more comparing. No more dwelling on anything but the Truth.

You are loved. You are chosen. You are set apart. And, yes, you are never ever alone.

Maybe you aren’t struggling today. Perhaps this message is just to be a reminder that so many people are. Maybe He is calling you to step out and be an encouragement to someone who is.

Perhaps you are that ray of light that might pull someone from the pits of despair into the light of His truth.

Hurting and lonely people are much closer than we think. And, many may not have the courage to do anything about it on their own. Let’s pray for eyes to see these sweet people and be ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them.

Praying we all learn to share our hearts and our hurts so we can be real with one another.

And, that by doing so, many lonely, broken souls will find comfort in knowing they are never really alone.

Father, Help us to reach out to others around us who need to hear truth and feel loved. Give us eyes to see them as you do. Give us a heart to love them as you do. And, yes, Lord, when we are feeling this same way, please, send someone to minister to our hearts that are hurting. Stop any attempt the enemy may use to separate and divide us. Fill our minds with your beautiful promises and truths. Fill our lives with sweet friendships and fellowship that leads us closer to you. In the name of our forever friend who never leaves us alone, Jesus. Amen.

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  • Reply Teresa June 25, 2016 at 6:46 am

    Oh how I needed this! Thank you Jennifer!

  • Reply Angie Busby June 25, 2016 at 9:42 am

    I’m convinced that comparison is the thief of joy and contentment . Truly trusting God and knowing that we are walking in his will is helpful but doesn’t make us immune to the effects of comparison . I’m glad that the Lord assures us that He is with us always. (Normally this is when I delete all my comments but I think I’ll just leave them this time! )
    Great article Jen!

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