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Dear Mama,

I see you.

I recognize the long hours and the late nights. I realize how much thought goes into every single little thing. I watch you juggling the kids and the laundry and their schedules and the projects and all the stuff that this season of life brings.

Yes, I know everything about you, even how many hairs are on your head.  {Matthew 10:30}

I see more than the world sees. I see your heart. {I Samuel 16:7}

All the pulls and tugs you are feeling as the biggest part of your heart walks around outside of your body. Finding his or her way. And, with every precious step towards adulthood and independence, leaving you a little further behind each time.

Just for the record, no matter how you are feeling or what you are being called to do, you are still mine.

I am right here. Never far from you, nor those precious kids of yours.

For years I have listened as you have poured out your heart day after day and night after night on their behalf.

I heard you.

I experienced your joy.

I felt your fear.

I knew your pain.

I counted your tears. And, I stored up each and every one. {Psalm 56:8}

Because they are yours and mine. Please don’t forget. We both love them. Maybe me just a little more than you even. I know that is hard to imagine, but trust me. They were mine first. I knit them together and planned for them long before you knew them. {Psalm 139:13}

And as I watch you mother them, I can feel how much you love them.

I need you to know just a few things.

To remember.

To treasure these promises in your heart so that on the hard days, you can cling to them {Proverbs 3:3}.

And, maybe, just maybe, my voice will be louder and stronger than the enemy’s as he tries so hard to lie to you and steal your joy. {John 10:10}

Perhaps you will actually feel my arms around you on the tough days as you count every blessing and promise I have given.

I am always faithful to you. You never need to question that. I promise. {Psalm 86:15}

Sweet child of mine, you don’t need to be perfect. The world would have you believe that everyone else is, but that is just not true. I know them, too. They, like you are doing the best they can each day. Not perfectly, just persistently.

And, the only thing you really need to know about perfection is the One who is. Jesus.

Once you know Him, the quest for perfection dims in His perfect, glorious light.

You can rest easy.

Dear daughter, you can’t do it all. There are so many things and plans vying for your attention. Some are good, but some are just a scheme of the enemy. He wants to weigh you down with too many places to be and things to do. {Ephesians 6:11}

If you say ‘yes’ to every little thing, how will you have time for any good thing?

The only thing that really needs to be planned each day is time with me. Allow me to be your planner. Ask me to guide you to the very best things to use your time for.

Remember, time is the one resource you can never get back. Use it wisely. I am always available and waiting to spend time with you.

I cherish being with you.

My chosen one, trials will come. I  shelter you as often as I can and more than you even realize, but in the fallen world in which you live, they are all too prevalent.

Take to heart the truth of my word that explains how these will work for you. And, your children. Remember to consider it pure joy as you face them. I am working through them and in spite of them to develop your perseverance. So you might be strong and faithful. {James 1:2-5}

Face them knowing that I am with you. That I am working all things together for good because you love me. {Romans 8:28}

And, all the things that really matter are only of eternal nature. Think about this for those precious children you love.

Remember to focus more on their spiritual well-being than anything else. It is the only thing that will last them forever.

They are watching you as much as you are watching them. Learning so much of who they will become from who you are.

I long to be with you and your family for all eternity.

I trust you to help me guide their hearts and nurture their spirits along the way.

I chose you for such a time as this. I knew you would be the very best one for the job. {Esther 4:14b}

You have no need to fear or doubt or worry or do anything other than stay near to me. {Isaiah 41:10}

We are on this journey together. You are not alone, even when you may feel like it. {Matthew 28:20}

Remember, I have offered my very own Spirit to guide you. He lives inside all who are mine. He will provide the power and strength you need to run the race I have set before you. {Isaiah 59:21}

Don’t forget how much I love you. Ever. {Romans 8:39}

As you think about the great love you have for your children, remember that I gave my one and only Son just for you. He was my most precious possession and the very best gift I could give you. {John 3:16}

I knew you would grow weary and even fail from time to time, but I still chose you. As my very own.

So, take a deep breath and say another prayer.  

Look up.

Know that I am God.

I have called you by your name. {Isaiah 43:1}

When you go through your day, whatever it may bring, I will be with you.

I love you.

I am grateful you are mine.

In my eyes, you are perfect in every way. Because of Jesus. {Hebrews 10:14}

Your Father. 




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  • Reply Nicole Bush May 27, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Thank you for your words of truth that are easily forgotten in this busy world.

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