fully trusting in the One who is faithful

Some days we just need to be full of thanksgiving as we fully trust in the One who is faithful.

Regardless of our current circumstances. Or, even our current feelings  {Yes, those can be tough to overcome} and especially over our current insecurities.  Giving thanks and praises to God even on the hardest of days brings Him much glory and yes, can definitely change our current perspective!

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for your promise to never leave us or forsake us and to bring beauty from our ashes. 

You are perfect in all your ways and I will trust you. Today and always. No matter the circumstances. 

Your ways are higher than my ways and I have faith in all of your promises. Every. Single. One.

Great is your faithfulness, sweet Father.

In the precious name of your gracious Son, my Savior, Amen.


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