out of the blue thoughts can lead to life-changing prayers

If you think of someone today just out of the blue, could it be God’s way of reminding you to pray for them?

What if every time we randomly thought of someone we stopped and said a little prayer for them?

Could you imagine the life-changing power we might unleash for them through the power of that one simple prayer?

Maybe we could text them, too. Let them know we are thinking of them and had prayed for them.

What if that person is really struggling today? Asking God to reveal Himself in their circumstances? So they might see Him working.

And, all you had to do was pray and send a simple text to reaffirm His great love and abiding presence in their circumstances.

How beautiful would it be to deliver His message?

To touch a heart as only God can touch it?

To encourage a weary soul?

To just be Jesus for someone today?

It really is pretty simple.

Listen for His promptings. Say a simple prayer. Send a quick text or make a quick call. And, wait.

Just wait for the power of the Heavenly Father to work.

In them. And, in you. For them. And, yes, even for you.

Let’s take our thoughts captive today and every day.

Not just the ones we need to rid ourselves of, but those sweet, random thoughts that the Holy Spirit may be using to prompt us to do His work in someone’s life today.

“Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.” {Colossians 4:2}

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