seeking HIM first this summer

Once again, even in summer, my days have been so busy it seems! Up early this morning, I looked back on the verse for this past week. (I am also posting these on my Facebook page each Wednesday in case you ever miss one or I am slow to share them here.)

As we take the time to read God’s Word, His message can almost jump off the page. Take a few minutes and meditate on the verse this week.

Week 6
Summer Memory Verse:

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” ~ Matthew 6:33

Since my boys were younger, we would often sing this verse at bedtime. My prayer was that it would really sink in.

I confess, one of the very reasons I love this verse, are the verses before it.

Because I struggle on a daily basis with worry.

Read verses 25-34 to gain the verse’s true meaning.

In verse 30, a few words jumped off the page at me this morning. “…O you of little faith?”

Isn’t it true? Worry is simply a lack of faith.

To not fully trust in the One who should be most trustworthy.

Our heavenly Father.

I am praying that God will increase my faith. That He would help my unbelief. And, do the same for my children.

My worry stems from a time in my teenage years where someone closest to me spoke words over me that the enemy has used for all these years to keep me in bondage.

A slave to fear and worry.

Perhaps you struggle with similar feelings as well. If so, spend some time in prayer asking God to reveal where those feelings come from.

Bringing them into the light is the only way to find freedom and be able to combat the lies of the enemy.

Focus on His truths in this passage. Read them over and over.

Pardon my paraphrase, but I love the end of verse 32. I read it today simply to say, your heavenly Father knows the things you need.

So no need to worry.

You are in good hands.

Just seek Him first.

Thankfully, He is really all we need.






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