when the touch of a hand & the sound of a voice just undoes something inside of you

As I sang the words, ‘Jesus Messiah, Lord of all’ this morning, the chorus brought tears & fresh remembrances of the people of Honduras.

Lord of all. All the world. All the people. All.

That word definitely has a face now. A new meaning. A special place in my heart.

I kept envisioning the people. Young babies with physical & mental challenges & little opportunity for healthcare. Toddlers excited over a small piece of candy while playing in the dirt with hand-me-down clothes & many with lice crawling in their hair. Children saying ‘gracias’ over & over again for a small bag of goodies that would more than likely be their only Christmas.

Parents standing in a long line for just a small bag of rice & meal for their family. Elderly faces holding babies left behind. And, others closing their eyes as they sang songs & carols in the bright sunshine, I feel sure needing a touch of the Spirit as He joined us right there in that dirt field.

I was also reminded of all the smiles and laughter so many of the people there shared with us. Many would hug you & share their story along with a Spanish ‘God Bless You.’ So many of them seemed to have such a quiet, appreciative spirit.

You see, I must confess, a picture may paint a thousand words, but the touch of a hand & the sound of a voice just undoes something inside of you.

That is when ‘Lord of all’ seems to resonate for all eternity deep in your soul.

As I looked around the sanctuary of my own church today, I saw so many of the same feelings and emotions across our congregation. Some who were raw with grief over painful loss. Others with fresh love and hope after a season of waiting. Still others who are in their own season of waiting.

Although the surroundings were quite different, the hearts & hopes of the people were very similar. Regardless of where we live or how we live, I think it is safe to say we all have a longing & need inside that can only be filled by the One & Only.

We are all searching. Needing. Hoping. Praying. Longing for Him this Christmas.

The name, Immanuel washed over me as we sang song after song.

Yes, He came so He might be with us all. The poor. The rich. The broken. The redeemed. The hurt. The hopeful.

And, yes, it is beautiful to hear the name, Immanuel. Try to really soak it in this season.

God with us.

Thankful He truly is with us. Grateful that He is Lord of all. Praying that every person feels His presence as He joins them for their journey.

No matter the path, He is faithful. He is able. He is all we need.

And, yes, He is with us. Every. Single. Step. Of. The. Way.

God with us.

No better promise to proclaim this Christmas.

Holy Father in heaven ~ Thank you for being with us. For sending the gift of your Son to meet the lost, the broken & the hurting here on earth. To bring hope. Healing. And, redemption. Thank you that you are Lord of all. You have no favorites. You came to all & for all so that all could be saved. Wanting none to perish. Open our eyes so we might see all the world as you do. Guide us as we long to do your work on earth as it is in heaven. Help us to celebrate this Christmas like never before. Where all is for your glory. And, we live to be your hands & feet. In the precious name of your Son, Immanuel. Amen.

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