when you have a love/hate relationship with summer

Denial. I am in complete denial. Not sure why God wired me this way, but I have a love hate relationship with summer. I am sure, some of you can relate.

You see, as summer approaches I mourn the passing of yet another school year. Each summer seems to mark yet another milestone completed for the kids, and in turn, my mind imagines moving them further and further away from me. I also start wishing that I wasn’t a working mom who had to coordinate many of the summer activities around work. I confess. I don’t do a good job of ‘planning’ our summer like non-working moms seem to be able to do. I hesitate to plan it all out and then regret that it seems to slip by so fast.

Although, it often stresses me as it rolls in, summer also stresses me as it rolls out. Maybe not stresses, but saddens me a little. Yes, I get sad when summer begins to fade into fall. For some of the same reasons I mentioned, but for other reasons, too.

Summer is full of family. My little family of four seems to relish the moments of long rides on the water together exploring hidden coves and crevices. We enjoy eating really yummy meals on the sun porch in our tiny little summer cabin. And, family and friends dropping by for a few minutes to swim and play and dive. Everything just seems better there. Simpler, and yes, better. Even mowing the grass.

I love how summer days fade quietly into night and often bring a long, sunset cruise with photo after photo of His beautiful artwork. Fireflies flickering while little ones chase frogs all around searching for the biggest one. S’mores around the makeshift campfire made up of all the pine cones harvested that weekend while cleaning the yard. Fireworks over the water as the neighbors try to clean out the last few left over from the fourth of July. Most recently a big, full blue moon that rested peacefully in the night sky as little ones were tucked into bed. And, yes, summer brings out the best of the best bed time stories at our house. Young and old, they enjoy slowly falling asleep to stories that surpass their wildest dreams and imagination. Adventure. Oh, the excitement of summer time adventure. Not only in our bedtime stories and dreams, but especially in our hearts.

I am so thankful God created summers. I am grateful He knew we all needed a little extra family time. And, front row seats to His glory this side of heaven – sunsets, blue moons and all!

As summer days fade slowly into fall, I really want to show Him how grateful I am for this time of the year. This year, instead of mourning its passing, I want to celebrate its coming!

I want to find a way to carry the magical moments of summer into fall. To wind down more often and enjoy the moments. To take a deep breath and not be overwrought with schedules and agendas or worry, but to be overwhelmed by His presence and overcome by His peace.

I want to feel every day the way I do when I turn onto the road to my little summer cabin. The strongest sense that all is well. I want to remember that His presence in my heart can turn a normal, not so special day into the most wonderful day of all. Is there really not a day that should be considered wonderful if we live with His promises to cover them?

Maybe there won’t be a sunset cruise. Or, a big beautiful blue moon on the horizon. Or, fireworks lighting up the nights. Maybe every day will include some of the same. Homework. Housework. Practices. Dinner. And, yes, laundry. Or, even sadness. Sickness. Loss. Or, hurt.

Trust me, friends. I’m not saying that there won’t be days that are more difficult than others. There will be. Much harder than missing the days of summer. Hard days that may just bring more grief than one soul should bare. But, He promises to be in the hard days.

The Lord always keeps his promises, he is gracious in all he does.” ~ Psalms 145:13b

To be our strength and our refuge. Our ever-present help in trouble. And, yes, somehow in the midst of the hard, to bring peace that we can’t understand.

“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” ~ Psalms 46:1

No day is mundane in His presence. Or, even too hard for Him. And, yes, He is present. In every day. And, every way. And, I am hoping to not soon forget that. To not miss Him. And, yes, to share everything of Him with every one. Every where.

Even in the uniform purchasing. School supply shopping. Or, maybe just a difficult season we may be going through. Yes, He is ready to go with us through every season. From the highest places to the lowest depths. From the excitement of one to the restlessness of the next. And, yes, to the next great adventures of fall. And, oh, how I love fall, too, sweet friends. But, that will need to be another post.

Maybe, just maybe, I love all His glory this side of heaven and the many beautiful gifts He sends along the way. Aren’t His gifts the best?

A praying friend. A kind word. A bouquet of flowers. A red bird. A beautiful sunrise. A sweet text message. A kiss on the cheek from one of your little ones. A word of Truth during your devotional spoken right from Him to your heart. Yes, just another day to soak up His blessings. And, blessings that last all year long.

I pray we all can enjoy the last few weeks of summer while anticipating His great plans for all seasons of our lives.

“So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God. For who can eat or enjoy anything apart from him? God gives wisdom, knowledge and joy to those who please him.” ~ Ecclesiastes 2:24-26a

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