when you really want to savor the last few weeks of summer

Summer is flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was cleaning out backpacks and putting away school supplies ready for a nice long break. Now my nights are filled with technology emails and uniform purchases as we attempt to prolong these last few weeks of summer.

I don’t know about you, but there are a few things on my list that I would love to enjoy before the first school bell rings. Maybe, you, like me, have some unfinished business for you and your family. Maybe with your children, or even your grandchildren. Here are just a few of mine.

~A little more family time. Our family enjoys quiet time together several times a week, but late summer nights have made this time a bit scarce at our house. We sometimes read scripture and then talk about what we think it means. Short conversations, but great conversations. Earlier this year, we read the book, Love Does, by Bob Goff. Some of his funny stories had us all laughing while leading us to a better understanding of how we really show our love for Him. By doing something. Yes, I want to really ‘do something’ these last few weeks!

~ A visit to a special relative. Both of my boys are blessed to have two of their great-grandmothers. I am ashamed to say, we don’t see them nearly enough. Hoping that in the next few weeks we can cancel all plans and go for a visit to each of them. Spending time with them far surpasses any other summer things we could do.

~A few hand-written notes. There is nothing more touching than to receive a hand-written note in today’s technology age. Don’t get me wrong, a sweet text message makes my day, but a note in the mail really touches the heart. Hoping to have the boys send a few more before school busyness sets in. Maybe to someone who wouldn’t expect it – the youth minister at church, their camp director, the cookie lady at Publix. I don’t know who, but I do know He knows who could use some extra love or attention. Maybe pray about it with your children and ask Him who?

~A few more bedtime stories. My boys love it when their friends come over and I tell them all the most outlandish of bedtime stories. Realizing that maybe I shouldn’t wait for company to come over. Maybe my two would love their very own story. If you aren’t a good story teller, never fear. Kids love to hear stories about our childhood. My boys’ favorite of my childhood was about me bottle feeding baby calves before school as a little girl. Sometimes true, simple stories are the best.

~ Play a few games without technology. Enjoyed a fun and laughter-filled game of go fish just the other night with my youngest. Old-fashioned game, but sweet memories made.

~ Do something nice for someone who least expects it. Children have the best imaginations. Let them think of a way to bless someone else then help them implement the plan. I really long for my two to be servants, and I confess, our busy schedules don’t always allow time for us to focus on others as much as we should. Join me this year as I hope to schedule time in our house to put others above ourselves. I may even schedule it each month just like I would schedule their orthodontist appointments!

These are just a few things left on my list. I am tired of rushing through these hot, humid days from one event to the other. I want just a little more family time where I can make at least a small impact on their hearts. When I think of how many summers I actually have left with my oldest before college, I have to confess, my heart aches. So, there is no time like the present.

The simple times make the sweetest summer memories.

My better half and I realized after watching our two and a buddy concoct their own rope swing last weekend that the grand plans and the expensive toys aren’t really the things that kids remember. It’s the time. The attention. The creativity. Not the things. Not the ‘events’. Nor the hectic hustle. And, most often, the simple times make the sweetest summer memories.

So, let’s do it, friends. Let’s jump in and make some sweet memories these last few weeks of summer with our families.

And, maybe, just maybe, some of the things we mark off our list will be stamped on their hearts when they get older and have their own children. Blessing one generation after the next with the simple, yet, important things in life.

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