a simple yet soul satisfying Thanksgiving

There was a crackling fire in the fire pit early. As I made my way downstairs, the smell of fresh brewed coffee made by my much-better half filled the house. Still in my pajamas and fuzzy socks, I eventually made my way outside with my mug and Bible. It was a beautiful morning with leaves falling all around and birds singing songs of thanksgiving as the day began.

One boy was running here and there with dogs in tow, his bow to shoot target practice with, and a trail of little boy loot left behind him. I’m thankful as I watch him run. His energy and excitement over the simple in life keeps me focused on the joy to be found in most every thing. He is my light-hearted, fun-finding youngest of the family who never seems to know where anything is, yet who always knows when any of us need a hug. Yes, as I sat and watched him run here and there, I was reminded of how grateful I am for the baby of our family.

The older boy slept in after a few rough days following surgery, and I found myself longing for him to wake up as I looked in on him over and over again. Watching him as he slept so peacefully, I thought about his fierce determination. For which  I am thankful. Week after week I have watched as he continued to practice and play football. Hurt. Yet, resolved to keep going in spite of his own fears and feelings. These last few weeks I have realized how grateful I am that he reminds me to keep going.

Lately, I have been amazed by how strong and independent he always seems, even through this. And, selfishly, I realize how much I am enjoying serving him through this healing process. What a gift it is to care for him as I did when he was little knowing in a few short weeks he will gain even more independence. As sixteen and a driver’s license are in his very near future.

Yes, my oldest is a bit more serious and much more organized, but I am reminded as tough as he sometimes seems, he is still my little boy. He has a such big heart. He loves the little guy and cheers on the  underdog. His loyalty is fierce and he stands up for who and what he believes in. As I sat quietly with him this afternoon, I was reminded how thankful I am for his confident spirit and resolve. He is my quiet one no doubt and I think today I might be most thankful for him still kissing my cheek in front of a crowd.

No, this Thanksgiving day wasn’t exactly as any of us had planned, but without the need to run from here to there, maybe I actually had more time to recognize some of the most precious things I am thankful for.

And, after several weeks of busyness and stress for all of us, God knew just what we really needed. We definitely missed seeing all of our family, but also relished the quiet, easy manner in which we celebrated.

Just the four of us, for the first time in a long time.
At our house, around our table.
Simple, yet delicious food.
And, so much to be thankful for.

I confess, sometimes I become so obsessed with the picture-perfect planning that I miss enjoying the quiet and small of things. Simple, yet soul satisfying.

So today I am thankful for just that.

Small things that can impact our hearts in big ways.

A simple text. A sweet prayer. A quiet conversation. A few small giggles.

And, lots and lots of love.

Yes, the last few days we have been showered with it.

And, tonight, as the leftovers are finished and the dishes are done, my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving.

Holy Father, We humbly enter your presence with thanksgiving. We are so grateful for the perfect gifts you give and the promises you fulfill. Thank you for the love of family and friends. For your precious hand that provides all that we need and more. For allowing us to quiet our minds and open our hearts so we might really see you. For your faithfulness we are grateful. And, for Jesus. For His grace, there are no words. As we celebrate this season of thanksgiving, may we remember that thanksgiving always leads us closer to the miracle of Jesus. In His name we pray. Amen.

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