because ‘missing’ is a part of life

Yes, today I woke up missing the little boys who once bounded down my stairs and ran through my house.

I miss those baby facesSticky, fat handsSweet good-night kisses and one more story.

I miss those little boy voicesWith toys strewn across the floor. And, spelling tests in first grade.

I miss long-boat rides where they fussed and I sang until they fell sound asleep in my arms.

I miss driving to and from practices all over town and precious time in the car together.

I miss long weekends at home and pallet nights on Fridays.

Yes, I miss a lot of what once was. And I am sure part of you does, too.

As I was getting ready for my day this morning, it hit me. I really miss the phone calls I once got from Jonathan after dropping the boys off for school each day. He would always call, and I must confess, in a hurry or deep in my quiet time, sometimes it would bother me to be interrupted.

I knew what he was going to say…”all your babies are at school.

Today I realized how much I miss even that phone call. Since the oldest is now sixteen, he isn’t driving them to school each day.

On the rare occasion that he does, it is celebrated!! By him, not necessarily them.

He misses the drive and I miss the call.

Bottom line, ‘missing‘ is a part of life.

Unfortunately it is so true.

Time really does go by so quickly. And babies just don’t keep.

My prayer today is for my heart to remember how important time really is.

Recognizing that looking back from time to time is okay, but embracing the actual moment is better.

So as not to miss this precious time that is here for now and gone tomorrow.

I am asking God to shelter me from the regrets of what once was and allow me to relish the joys of all that will be.

No matter how hard we wish or how much we try, time simply passes us by.

The enemy would want nothing more than for parents to stay caught in the yesterdays and miss today.

Yes, I know I will allow the occasional glance back, but today I will choose to place my focus on the One who brought me through the yesterdays and blessed me with this day.

Depending on His mercy and grace to bind up those places in my heart that are ‘missing‘ what once was.

Trusting His goodness and glory to lead me to those new places of joy and peace as my hope is in Him and new seasons come.

He is able. And, faithful.

Thank you for the gift of time, Lord. Teach me to number my days so I might gain a heart of wisdom. Allow me to enjoy the blessing of today and be grateful for the hope of tomorrow. Fill my heart and mind with memories of precious times past and grant me joy in the simple, yet beautiful moments found in today. In the sweet name of my Savior I humbly pray. Amen.

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  • Reply Kimberly Campbell May 2, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    Great post! And yes, He is so faithful.

  • Reply Kelli Carr May 3, 2018 at 6:23 am

    Perfectly said!

  • Reply Stephanie May 4, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Funny, I’ve had the exact same thoughts recently, Jen. I think because Cam is now driving and it’ a fact that those “car-time” moments will now go from daily to occasional. Different chapter of life I suppose and definitely bitter sweet. xoxo

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