because there really is only one constant in life

Every day I can quickly become consumed with all that I want to teach my children.  The list varies in rank from all there is to know about God’s Word to all they need to know about doing laundry. Yes, the list is long and the depth of each one’s importance is vast and different.

This list can most certainly become daunting to say the least. Most days I don’t feel as if I have enough wisdom, nor enough time to really do it all justice. I am always looking for helpful pointers on how to have these important lessons incorporated into everyday conversations without seeming too preachy. How can I make them somewhat brief, but cause them to resonate with them? I feel very ill-equipped at times!

So, after what had been a very emotional Sunday, a sweet friend shared something so true and simple and profound that I could not help but think, yes, Lord, now that is important. That by far ranks among the very top things my children need to know and understand. And, when sharing it with another parent who encouraged this post, I realized this was definitely an important lesson for us all.

This one thing.


Jesus never changes. {Hebrews 13:8}

Plans change. Friends change. Teachers change. Coaches change. Grades change. Significant others change. Bodies change. Finances change. Families change. Interests change.

Almost everything at some point or another will change.

Yes, children often think that the one thing in their lives that will remain constant is their parents, but we all know even parents can change unfortunately. My youngest when asked said that home doesn’t change, but even our home or idea of home will one day change.

Let’s face it, we all at times seem to forget that things can change. We take for granted the status quo and don’t realize that changes can always happen. No, not all changes are bad. But, some changes, let’s confess,  can really rattle our faith, now can’t they? It is true…

There is nothing constant or forever or perfect or unchanging in this life.

Except Jesus.

He is the one thing that will never change.

His love for us never changes. His promises to us never change. And, His hope for us never changes.

No matter what we have done. No matter where we have gone. No matter how much we may have disappointed Him.

He is always the same.

He never moves. He never leaves. He never forsakes. He never stops loving us.

He is always the same. Today. Yesterday. And, forever.

Yes, this I want my kids to know. To understand deep down in their very marrow. To feel and trust and believe.

This may help them to understand life and its challenges differently. It might even help them feel confident and secure even though at times things in their life might seem overwhelming or even out of control.

Yes, this one thing could be a precious reminder when disappointments set in that all is well as opposed to all is lost. It might just bring peace to the most chaotic of times. And, yes, it could settle in their hearts and minister to their spirits.

Truth be told,  I needed to know this. I needed reminding. Maybe this is as much for all adults. Maybe we all could use these truths as we face an ever-changing world. In our own lives.

Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God, never changes.

We may change, but He never does. We may move far outside of His will, but He is always waiting, longing for us to come back to His perfect will. He never stops loving us. Things in our life may seem completely out of control, but He knows and He cares. He is our only constant in this life.

Praise God, that in a sometimes cruel, unexplainable world, that we can trust you.

We can depend on you.

To always be there.

No matter what.

And, yes, we can know that you never change.

You are always faithful and always in control and always the same.

Today. Tomorrow. And, yes, forever.



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  • Reply Laura April 13, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Thanks for sharing Jennifer!! I needed this today.

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