just an old wooden table

For years a green wooden table has sat in the dining area of our old cabin on the lake. It was a hand-me-down that had been handed down. One of the best kind.

The solid wood top had more than its share of nicks and scratches. One chair even had a bit of a wobble, but for the most part it had more than served its purpose well.

I confess, for years I have wanted to replace it. It seemed dated and tired. Somewhat out of style. Not exactly the look I wanted.

Finally, after several years of dreaming and thinking and wishing for an update, a new table was purchased. Yes, the new option was sleek and stylish. A bit modern and fun. I was so excited to share many meals and memories around it over the coming years.

And, eventually, we moved the old green table home to sell. Of course, with its outdated looks, instead it sat in my garage for several weeks unsold. Just waiting to find its new home.

I passed by it every day. And, quite honestly didn’t give any of it much thought. Until…

One day as I scrolled through Facebook, I read a post that opened my heart and mind to what our old green table really meant. And, could mean in the years to come to someone else.

You see, that post was about a family who had been homeless who had finally been placed in a home.

And, yes. They needed a table and chairs.

I realized then, my table wasn’t intended to be sold. Instead, the years that passed as I waited for a new one were all part of His plan.

I believe that God knew the exact timing of that family’s move to their new home and the exact plan for my table.

Once I realized all of these things, my perspective on that old, green table changed.

Instead of seeing the marks and the flaws, God opened my eyes to see the blessing of that special table.

When I thought of all the meals and laughter and games played on that very table, I was so humbled, and a bit sad that in my desire to redecorate, I had somehow lost sight of the things that really matter.

It isn’t the color of the table or the style of the chairs, it was the love that surrounded that table every time my friends and family stopped to gather around it.

It isn’t the wobble of the chair, but the memory of the one who leaned back just a little too far over a yummy lunch that caused it.

Time and time again, my boy’s friends had eaten meal after meal there. Tired from a long, full day of simple, yet so rewarding moments and memories made.

Several nights over the years I watched my husband and a friend enjoy dessert and an open conversation of life and parenting and how do we survive this crazy world sitting at that old table.

I can’t help but mention, but the old, green table was once a fixture in a dear friend’s house. We were its second home. Every time I saw it, my mind would wonder back to the years spent with them. Finding our way and sharing some of our first precious moments as newlyweds and parents.

As I looked at that old, green table one last time, I could not help but stop for a moment.

Memories of little boy days gone by and family meals passed too soon flooded my mind.

With a knot in my throat and a few tears in my eyes, I uttered a special prayer over that simple, little table.

I imagined many more meals spent around this table. With a family who may not have had the chance to laugh very often or enjoy the things I have been blessed to have. So I asked God to bless those who would gather around that table in years to come with joy, hope, laughter. And, yes, their own sweet memories.

I thought of the new place the table would call home. With a roof over the heads of ones who for some time may have wondered if that could ever be.  So, I asked God to provide for that family more than I could ask or imagine. All the things they needed to make this house their home. And, for Him to be the center of it all. 

And, yes, with a bit more gratitude, I thought of a Heavenly Father who loves us all so much that He could orchestrate a change in my heart and a divine plan for an old, green table.

So, I praised Him for all my moments and memories and asked that He would make me more aware than ever of His plan and His presence.

I share this for only one reason.

That maybe, just maybe, someone reading this may have their own version of my old, green table in their life and need a new perspective.

Or, so someone, through reading this, might have a completely new view of God’s hand in their own lives. That His planning far surpasses ours and His timing is always perfect. Even for an old table.

And, my old, green table.

It also reminds me of His table.

One filled with all we need and more than we could want.

Open for all.

Where communion with Him will far surpass any other.

And, where we can each feel love, joy and peace through a Father who gave up much more than we deserved.

So we could sit at HIS table one day.

In the very presence of Jesus.



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