what the world needs now

Everywhere we turn, we see a hurting world. A world broken and discouraged. A world hungry in every way. A world yearning for more love. A world that just needs Jesus.

And, Jesus is love.

God demonstrated His own love for us while we were yet sinners. Jesus died for us. {Romans 5:8}

That, my friends is the ultimate gift.

The greatest show of love anyone can demonstrate.

And, that my friends is what the world needs to see.

The world needs to see Christians love like Jesus.  With great sacrifice. Without judgment. With actions that speak louder than our words for once.

You see, the Bible is pretty clear on what real love looks like.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt, while we are all still undone by all the evil, horrific events in this world, to focus on what the Bible says regarding love in I Corinthians 13.

Forgive some of my paraphrases, but won’t you join with me as we pray through the great chapter on love?

I know without really asking for His help to love in this manner, I could never do it. Praying His truths can really change my heart.

Just by asking our Father to help us love more like Jesus and to share that love in a way that this hurting, desperate world might really see Him. Not some puffed up, proud version of what we think love is. But, really experience His beautiful love first hand.

Loving Father in Heaven. The One who first showed us how to love. The only One who loves us in spite of our weaknesses and failures. You are love.  And, we are grateful to be loved by you in such a wonderful way.

We know, Lord, that we could have every single little thing that seems important in this life, but not have love and really be nothing. Not languages. Not prophecies. Not faith that would move mountains. Not great sacrifices. None of these matter without love.

We humbly ask you, Father, to forgive the times where we put other things before love. Grant us a better understanding as to what you want our love to look like. Open our eyes and our hearts to love as you loved. Perfectly.

Help our love to be patient and kind. Please don’t allow our love to be boastful or proud or rude in any way. We no longer desire to demand our way, Lord, but long to love in your way. Help us not to be irritable or frustrated or angry, rather allow us to let go of those things we struggle to forgive. And, to do so quickly.

Forgive us when we rejoice over injustice and lead us to a place where our hearts rejoice only in truth. May we never give up. Never lose faith. Always be hopeful. And, endure, Lord, through every circumstance.

We know that this world will one day fade, but love will last forever.

That the gifts of love that we learn to generously give, and the gifts of love we so beautifully receive, are lasting. That those gifts are for all eternity. That you, Lord, rejoice every time we love others.

So that all the world might know you. Really know you. And, yes, come to love you as we do. And, to be able to experience your great and perfect love through your Son’s death at Calvary.

In the precious and most holy name of the One who loved us best, Jesus.


Yes, what the world needs now is love.

But, not just any love.

It needs a true, perfect, unadulterated love.

It needs the love of Jesus.

And, Jesus needs us to be the ones to share it.

By being patient and kind in all circumstances. By showing humility at all times. By forgoing our own desires and needs, to live out His plan. By finding joy in the truth. By never giving up and never losing faith. By always finding hope and sharing hope. And, yes, by enduring through every circumstance – good or bad.

May our love never fail and never give up.

And, yes, may the world see His love clearly.

As they see us love like Jesus.


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